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Thread: Yaesu FT897D Problem

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    Hi there new to amateur and am having a problem with my Yaesu FT897D say I select a frequency say 7100 and then I key the mike another transmit frequency comes up not the one selected Im pretty sure ive pressed a button that I should not have pressed has this got something to do with the dual vfo and how do I go about undoing it so that I can transmit on the frequency that Im selecting.

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    Have you got the repeater shift function switched on (you should see a little "+" or "-" symbol)?

    I wasn't aware that it worked on HF, but it might be worth checking.

    ... or if you are operating in memory mode. Have you got split frequencies programmed into the same memory channel?

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    Might be the dual VFO; might be that the XIT (Transmit Incremental Tuning) is on; might be something to do with the memory. Hard to say; do you have the operator's manual for the radio? What does it say?

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