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Thread: IC-756 deaf below 1600MHz.

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    Default IC-756 deaf below 1600MHz.

    My IC-756 is tottaly deaf below exactly 1600,00Mhz. When I turn the dial to 1599,99 there's no reception at all. Total silence. I can hear a click of a relay but no sound at the speaker.
    Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I have the Service Manual and some skill, but I prefer to ask you guys, cos maybe someone passed through it before and knows where the problem is at.
    Thank you all in advance for the tips,
    Santo Amaro Island

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    Hmmmmmmm.... the receiver only covers . 30kHz–60MHz! ;-)

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    Hi Saraiva, if you mean below 1600khz then it may be a problem with the filter board relays, the icom rigs use relays to switch the band pass filters, so filter set 1 may be 0.3mhz to 1.599mhz, filter set 2 may be 1.6mhz to 2.999mhz and so on, The relays can become welded into position which can cause the rig to go deaf on a certain part of the band, normerly all you can hear is uninterupted static as if theres no antenna plugged in?
    I had this problem myself with a 706, it was pretty easy to get the replacement relays from icom, and i think they were only 3 each, but the board itself may be difficult to get at, not sure what the insides of the 756 are like, but if in doubt it is worth asking a shop or icom them selves to take a look.
    Hope this helps.

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