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Thread: G5RV near power lines

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    Hi all

    I am a new member and new to the hobby. I am getting myself all set up slowly and will be starting my foundation studies soon!

    With the kit i have bought (from a silent key) was a new G5RV which i would like to use.

    My question is we have electricity supply wires running at about eaves height and parallel to them between us and the neighbours, and about 8-10ft out. I am unsure as to where to run the G5, would it be better at 90% to them down the garden?- parallel with them across the garden? Over/under? I would just like to avoid any interference issues if possible, or maybe we should just move!!

    Any help would be much appreciatted.


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    First thing I'd ask is whether the mains lines are well insulated. If they're at eave height I'd have to assume that they are. 220 volts not too far above head height would be truly scary.

    As far as the direction of the antenna relative to the power lines, you want to keep them as far from each other as possible, AND as nearly perpendicular. Don't run the antenna parallel to the mains any more than you have to. When you have to run them parallel, do it as far apart as possible.
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    Many thanks for the reply,it has given me something to think about.


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