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    So I'm looking for a new mobile rig here in the next few weeks, and I'm looking at all the manufacturers. I'd love the Kenwood TM-D710A, but thinking I may just get a cheaper right in the near term and put the Kenwood on my long term list.

    For Yaesu, all the dual band rigs have 5-6 Hypermemory buttons on the front panel. My initial impression is that's a horrible waste of front panel real estate. I can't really imagine what I'd do with more than 2 of them based on what I read about. I'll be the only operator, so the description they have of multiple users is irrelevant. My best idea so far is one memory with full brightness and the other dim for night. Even having multiple buttons seems like a waste for the idea, when you can use one button that selects between various hypermemories.

    So I'm asking, how do people use Hypermemory on these rigs? Is it useful and I'm just not getting the right idea? How many memories do you actually use?

    Thanks for the assist in trying to understand this feature.

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    I have an FT-8900 and I have the hyper memories set up to conveniently select different styles of operating depending on my needs.

    1 and 2 are the most commonly used pairs of repeaters I monitor Memory mode both sides MSM scan mode
    3 is S20 on on side, and 145.375 (G4BRA club channel) on the other, VFO mode both side.
    4 is travel config - whatever repeaters I'm using when travelling away from home base, memory mode and scan all memories.
    5 is RAYNET mode - primary and backup channels for the last/next event VFO mode.
    6 is a scratch mode to save the current radio settings - whatever I'm playing with if I want to swap back to another HM and then come back later.

    I then have the memories set up as (approximately)

    1 - APRS (not used much but easy to find when I want it)
    2-19 - most commonly used simplex frequencies
    20-49 - most common nearby repeaters
    50-100 - programmed in sequence for longer journeys so I can jump up and down the sequence to find the expected next repeater
    101-300 or so ALL UK repeaters.
    400 or so up - known marine and airband frequencies for scanning.

    I think that pretty much covers it. Let me know if you want more information. Hoep that helps.

    Andy M0HAK

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    It does help. I can see myself using memory 6 the way you do. Typically I scan all the local repeaters for traffic (25+) rather than monitor one channel, so that is probably a big reason why I was having problems.

    Does the normal channel memory get shared between all the various hypermemories?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChadAmberg
    How many memories do you actually use?
    I have 9 on my FT290mk2 - I actually used about 4 of them.
    (I use all 100 on my TS440S and it's not enough)

    Memories can be handy while mobile, repeater shift/CTCSS programming is not recommended while moving, though some sets do this automatically nowdays.

    Ask the dealer which set has the best receiver instead.

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    It took me a little while to fully utilize these, but once I did they make life easier. I have a FT8800 and basically you set up your radio in an operation mode that you want to go to and then assign to the HM you want, I have mine set up so that

    HM1 left channel on home repeater and Right scanning Memory 1
    HM2 Basically the same
    HM3 for a city I sometimes travel to (ft smith) and have the Left on the main repeater I use there and the Right scanning
    HM4 Same as above but for a different city
    HM5 empty
    HM6 Set up for quick entry into crossband repeat

    I just really sat down one afternoon and set them all up as to what I wanted each to be doing, I like to go ahead and have my right channel scanning once that HM is activated.

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