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    Hello all,
    I am extremely new to ham fact...until 3-4 days ago...I didnt even know what it really was, and still dont really know much. I got interested in ham, when I installed a cb in my truck, I noticed that even with a cheapo wal mart cb, and rad shack ant. I can pick up signals from as far as 40-50mi, I cant transmit that far...but I can hear, supposedly there is a repeater on a tower, less than 2mi from my maybe thats why?
    I currently own no equipment other than a couple cb's, but am interested in getting set up... question is...what do I need, how much will it cost....and when I do get everything set up....what can I do with it? I do not currently have my amateur radio license, but will take the test....right now I just want to tune in, and learn how to use the stuff...then I take the test and begin broadcasting.
    Also...I have heard....these things can used for internet??? How does that work? Also...I is really just a decoder(right) so could I pick up tv signals, and actuallu watch tv?
    Sorry for all the noob questions, but ya gotta learn somehow, and I'd prefer to have some idea of what I'm getting myself into before spending any coin.
    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum and the hobby of Ham radio. CB oh yes i had a few of those years back and packed it all in about 1996.

    Im not up to your countrys licence system for ham radio but look here Don has got lots of knowledge in your country as he lives there!

    You could pick up a cheap scanner say off ebay and listen to the local 2m (VHF) and 70cm (UHF) repeaters and simplex (radio to radio).

    Best thing you could do is visit a local Ham club and see if you like it but expect to understand it all in a short time. Ive been licenced for 4 yrs and know a bit! Yes you can work the world while driving your truck via the internet linking system, Ham radio will give your CB an inferiority complex and probably make it go into hiding. Hope thats of some help. Sean / M0GIA

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    Default Re: Hi from Maine

    welcome to the forum, there are plenty of US licensees floating about here who could point you in the right direction, I daresay more satisfactorily than I could.

    Feel free to post away and join in on whatever's going

    73, Jon 2IØJVI

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