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Thread: VX-7r Volume prombems with UHF Uniden radios.

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    Default VX-7r Volume prombems with UHF Uniden radios.


    I have a VX-7r Yeasu radio that is being used to communicate with a Australian UHF Uniden radio.

    The frequencies are in the 476.425 - 477.300 Mhz range.

    When communicating around thise frequencies, the volume on my VX-7r radio is very bad. I have the volume on max but can hardly hear it..

    If I tune it to a commercial radio station with music playing, the sound is really grate... what can the problem be?

    Hope someone out here have an idea..


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    Default Re: VX-7r Volume prombems with UHF Uniden radios.

    Before anyone mentions about the legality of those frequencies, I will assume you have a reason why you are allowed to TX, or are just listening.

    The reason regarding the reception could be a number of reasons, and others may have more ideas, but will list my own thoughts:-
    • Antenna, mainly designed for Amateur Radio Frequenices[/*:m:3kawwgpj]
    • Transmission you are listening to maybe in different FM to your setup (ie Narrow or Normal FM)[/*:m:3kawwgpj]
    • Could be an AM signal (Don't quote me on this, but just listing as possible idea)[/*:m:3kawwgpj]
    • Too far from Transmitting station[/*:m:3kawwgpj]

    So a few ideas, others may have more ideas.

    Hope this helps.
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