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Thread: Show us your Shack

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    Quote Originally Posted by VY0AW View Post
    My remote cabin/ham shack is: 110 miles from the nearest human being, 375 miles from the nearest highway and 200 miles from the nearest high-tension power line.
    Now that's my idea of a QTH, after living in a big city I'd settle for somewhere quiet!
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    I just got my license about a mouth ago. I plan on getting me general in the next couple of weeks. I just started my ham shack and I'm in an HOA. So here is my setup.

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    Default My Little Corner of the Room

    My Station occupies a small area of our Guest Room/Office. HF Gear consists of a Icom 7600, an Acom 600S Amp, an Elecraft KAT500 Auto Tuner feeding a OCF Dipole at 50 feet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ei2glb View Post
    I am moving in the next few months so i have most of the gear packed away as i dont have the space or time to use it.

    i have kept a few bits people are using sizegenetics out to play with when i hear some intresting DX.

    Very nice and I've got that speaker too.
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