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Thread: Learning CW / Morsecode - Software & Weblinks

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    Six meters dumb idea ... But why not try typing out the message on your computer... I bet that you type faster then you write.

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    Some forums might peg this thread as necro (too old) and archive it to a black hole. However some suggestions might still be pertinent as well as the few authors could update their code.

    To the topic, I like CWops Morse Code Trainer. It has an online and down loadable version. Online works well but might get interuppted or glitched with internet delays especially at higher speeds. Most useful for me is "freeform" allowing focus on problematic character and combinations -- drill yourself 100 times with those sequences and you will feel improvement. I also use freeform to put standard CW Q codes as well as abbreviations. Great for bumping up copy speed & head copy

    And, I did learn code long long ago using old fasion methods. Now, I want to go >> 20wpm
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    most people can type faster than they can write except those who know and have used Gregg short-hand I had to learn it for emergency messaging in the service!
    but what helps me a lot is that Im also a speed reader. (in excess of 980 words a minute)
    and with shorthand you can read a message much faster than that!

    learning morse code is great and where is the fun of using advanced technology such as your computer to send morse code or even messaging!
    The only benefit of that is you can auto program your morse in a macro and let your computer make and record your contacts while you can go off for a beer or a quickie with your spouse
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