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    Last Post: Thu 10th Sep 2020 20:21
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  1. IOTA Contest

    Started by M0TZO, Thu 6th Aug 2020 08:16
    20m, contacts, contest, forum, iota, mfj, ssb
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    Last Post: Thu 6th Aug 2020 08:16
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  2. Base Radios TS480HX transmitting issues

    Started by z34pec, Fri 10th Jan 2020 07:43
    40m, 80m, antenna, atu, balun, battery, circuit, contest, cq, cw, ht, icom, idea, mfj, power, problem, psu, qso, radio, reset, speed, ssb, vehicle, video
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    Last Post: Fri 21st Feb 2020 04:49
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  3. digi mode on 20m

    Started by normd, Thu 17th Oct 2019 17:38
    14.080 mhz, 20m, arrl, contest, digital, digital modes, ht, video
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    Last Post: Sat 19th Oct 2019 17:04
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  4. Base Radios FT 450 AT

    Started by Paul1, Mon 11th Feb 2019 18:52
    contest, output, radio, reset
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    Last Post: Mon 11th Feb 2019 18:52
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  5. Gov't Shutdown - will I still get my call sign?

    Started by Sitka, Sun 6th Jan 2019 15:44
    admin, arrl, call sign, call signs, contest, d star, fcc, forum, ham, ht, internet, led, license, radio, russian, technician, usa, website
    • Replies: 16
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    Last Post: Thu 31st Jan 2019 22:53
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  6. Dx Contest Last Night

    Started by Ots, Mon 8th Oct 2018 00:26
    contest, dx, ht, qso, qso party
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    Last Post: Mon 8th Oct 2018 13:55
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  7. Question regarding airborne operation

    Started by FlyGuy, Mon 13th Aug 2018 03:52
    2m, 70cm, contacts, contest, dx, fm, ham, handheld, ht, license, mobile, net, operating, phone, portable, power, qth, radio, repeaters, scanner, ssb, technician, uk, usa, vhf
    • Replies: 13
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    Last Post: Thu 16th Aug 2018 01:19
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  8. CZiegu X5105 2 hour use limit

    Started by RCOLLEY, Tue 8th May 2018 04:25
    buy, contest, full, hf, icom, output, portable, power, problem, qrp, radio, radios, sell, sw
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 2,240
    Last Post: Wed 9th May 2018 08:01
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  9. FT8 QSO Party

    Started by Gregad, Mon 16th Apr 2018 22:06
    buy, contacts, contest, data, digital, operating, qso, qso party, snow
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 3,973
    Last Post: Wed 20th Jun 2018 18:18
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  10. Returning after a long absence

    Started by KK6YK, Sat 13th Jan 2018 03:24
    • Replies: 14
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    Last Post: Mon 26th Feb 2018 22:08
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  11. How would I use these frequencies as an amateur?

    Started by Speedie, Thu 21st Dec 2017 15:41
    100, 10mhz, 70cm, buy, contest, cw, digital, foundation, handheld, hf, home brew, homebrew, licence, modes, operating, oscillator, power, propagation, psk, radio, receiver, repeater, uhf, uk, vhf
    • Replies: 5
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    Last Post: Mon 1st Jan 2018 15:45
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  12. HAM radio interference

    Started by SaLance, Thu 30th Nov 2017 00:30
    amateur radio, antenna, arrl, broadcasts, buy, contest, equipment, fcc, ferrite, free, ham, ham radio, interference, key, kit, mic, microphone, phone, power, problem, radio, relay, results, rfi, wire
    • Replies: 6
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    Last Post: Thu 30th Nov 2017 19:21
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  13. simple log

    Started by WM4MM, Wed 27th Sep 2017 15:13
    contest, data, fldigi, ham, key, radio
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    Last Post: Wed 27th Sep 2017 15:13
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  14. Bongo Says Hello

    Started by Bongo, Wed 23rd Aug 2017 15:52
    contest, dx, forum, ham, ham radio, radio
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 1,631
    Last Post: Thu 24th Aug 2017 02:06
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  15. Bad Case Of Mic Fright

    Started by Tony3d, Fri 16th Jun 2017 05:27
    100, advanced, call signs, callsign, coil, contest, cw, digital, digital modes, equipment, full, ham, ham radio, hf, icom, introduction, mic, modes, phone, projects, qsl, qso, radio, repeat, rtty, weekend
    • Replies: 10
    • Views: 4,582
    Last Post: Thu 29th Jun 2017 19:20
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  16. Can Someone Explain Contests Please?

    Started by Dougal, Sat 11th Feb 2017 15:25
    call signs, contest, exam, foundation, ham, ht, russian
    • Replies: 1
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    Last Post: Sat 11th Feb 2017 16:31
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  17. New to Forum and Ham Radio

    Started by Hoss, Wed 7th Dec 2016 11:50
    2015, 2m, 70cm, antenna, baofeng, call sign, cb, conditions, contest, dipole, dx, forum, ft-450d, ft-7900, ham, ham radio, hf, hf rig, qso, radio, repeaters, sw, vanity, vanity call
    • Replies: 4
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    Last Post: Sat 10th Dec 2016 00:06
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  18. Things that make you go hmm!

    Started by Orion, Fri 25th Nov 2016 20:43
    call sign, callsigns, contacts, contest, cw, dx, fm, garden, ham, hf, idea, memory, phone, power, problem, qsl, qso, radio, ssb, system
    • Replies: 10
    • Views: 4,464
    Last Post: Mon 28th Nov 2016 11:18
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    The Junk Box

  19. Ham Radio - Top Band Loaded Vertical

    Started by John Allsopp, Fri 25th Nov 2016 19:43
    circuit, coil, conditions, contacts, contest, dipole, distance, dx, field day, full, garden, ground, ham, ham radio, matching, radio, results, short, space, uk, vertical, wires
    • Replies: 0
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    Last Post: Fri 25th Nov 2016 19:43
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  20. Wicked newby Geezer here

    Started by rwinder, Sat 19th Nov 2016 00:53
    2015, 6m, antenna, contest, dmr, exam, general class, ham, ham radio, hf, islands, license, modes, morse, morse code, network, new ham, qso, qsos, radio, repeater, repeaters, short, studying, uhf, upgraded, vhf, weekend
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 3,125
    Last Post: Sun 27th Nov 2016 09:44
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  21. Is there ever......

    Started by W4TAU, Sun 11th Sep 2016 06:06
    30 meters, arrl, contest, cw, ham, ham radio, power, radio, ssb
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 5,195
    Last Post: Mon 12th Sep 2016 06:12
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  22. QSO infromation

    Started by K5XOM, Sun 31st Jul 2016 02:45
    arrl, callsign, contest, dx, hf, iota, qso, qso party, repeat, sota, vhf
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 3,840
    Last Post: Tue 2nd Aug 2016 18:32
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  23. ARRL Field Day this weekend ?

    Started by N4AAB, Fri 24th Jun 2016 20:10
    10m, 15m, 20m, 40m, 80m, amateur radio, aprs, arrl, contest, dsp, field day, fm, missouri, my shack, net, radio, relay, replies, shack, weekend
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 6,352
    Last Post: Sat 25th Jun 2016 22:33
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  24. Ham Radio 2016 Friedrichshafen -- Takes Place June 24-26

    Started by WA9WVX, Fri 17th Jun 2016 18:04
    amateur radio, contest, contesting, darc, digital, dx, equipment, forum, friedrichshafen, germany, ham, ham radio, hamfest, memory, radio, rally, saturday, testing, wireless
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 4,203
    Last Post: Wed 22nd Jun 2016 22:50
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    The Junk Box

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