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  1. Icom 2720 cross and repeat

    Started by rob.gray.jr, Wed 11th Dec 2019 12:26
    baofeng, display, frs, gmrs, ham, ham radio, handheld, icom, key, motorola, operating, power, ptt, radio, radios, repeat, results, sdr, simplex, system, testing, usa, website
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    Last Post: Wed 11th Dec 2019 12:26
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  2. Portable Radios Yaesu FT-891 & FTM-400XDR vs. Yaesu FT-991A

    Started by SHEEPDOGGIT, Wed 11th Dec 2019 01:01
    amp, fm, ham, ham radio, hf, mobile, portable, radio, studying, technician, uhf, vhf, yaesu
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    Last Post: Wed 11th Dec 2019 01:01
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  3. Research Your Club

    Started by Johncampo, Tue 10th Dec 2019 14:45
    amateur radio, arrl, call sign, ham, ham radio, questions, radio, repeater, website
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    Last Post: Fri 13th Dec 2019 13:37
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  4. Help neeeded for book

    Started by Pete85, Tue 19th Nov 2019 09:13
    broadcasts, ebay, equipment, ham, ham radio, ht, interface, output, radio, scanner, sdr
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    Last Post: Wed 20th Nov 2019 01:10
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    The Junk Box

  5. Antenna Recommendation

    Started by wildwes, Wed 13th Nov 2019 15:40
    antenna, battery, buy, coax, dipole, ground, ham, ham radio, homebrew, ht, icom, mfj, mobile, power, problem, radio, repeater, repeaters, technician, truck, uhf, vehicle, vertical, vhf
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    Last Post: Sat 16th Nov 2019 05:26
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    • Replies: 0
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    Last Post: Sun 10th Nov 2019 17:32
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  6. Newbie

    Started by rich62643, Tue 5th Nov 2019 04:44
    forum, ham, ham radio, license, radio
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    Last Post: Tue 5th Nov 2019 04:44
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  7. Hello from Liverpool UK

    Started by Starbug, Mon 4th Nov 2019 11:09
    foundation, ham, ham radio, license, radio, uk
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    Last Post: Mon 4th Nov 2019 11:09
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  8. Getting back into ham radio

    Started by paulswift6, Thu 24th Oct 2019 04:48
    antenna, first radio, ham, ham radio, radio, valves
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    • Views: 519
    Last Post: Thu 24th Oct 2019 04:48
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  9. Hello everyone.

    Started by AmazonJoe, Thu 17th Oct 2019 00:40
    antenna, baofeng, equipment, exam, ground, ham, ham radio, hf, mobile, questions, radio, repeater, repeaters, studying, technician, vehicle
    • Replies: 1
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    Last Post: Thu 17th Oct 2019 14:25
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  10. Hi from the Texas Hill Country - painfully new to ham

    Started by recondoc, Thu 10th Oct 2019 23:38
    baofeng, fm, ham, ham radio, license, mystery, radio
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    Last Post: Thu 10th Oct 2019 23:38
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  11. CB radio converstion for Ham use.

    Started by Acorn Archimedes, Tue 1st Oct 2019 23:24
    10m, 6m, 70mhz, cb, cb radio, equipment, fcc, fm, ham, ham radio, idea, modes, operating, power, radio, radios, receiver, space, ssb
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 1,108
    Last Post: Fri 4th Oct 2019 04:29
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  12. Handheld Radios New Member with Questions

    Started by Olympus, Sun 29th Sep 2019 19:54
    100, amateur radio, frs, gmrs, ham, ham radio, handheld, introduction, phone, questions, radio, radios, repeater, repeaters, simplex, testing, truck, vhf
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 1,126
    Last Post: Mon 30th Sep 2019 20:59
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  13. Trying to fit accessories to a Yaesu FT-4V

    Started by Neil H, Sun 29th Sep 2019 13:42
    audio, baofeng, equipment, forum, free, ham, ham radio, kits, mic, ptt, radio, stuck, vhf, wires, yaesu
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 669
    Last Post: Sun 29th Sep 2019 13:42
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  14. Building a Tilt-Tower

    Started by ThomasT, Sat 28th Sep 2019 12:08
    dx, forum, ham, ham radio, ht, projects, questions, radio, video
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 839
    Last Post: Sat 28th Sep 2019 12:08
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    The Junk Box

    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 828
    Last Post: Fri 27th Sep 2019 14:37
    by 5B4AJB  Go to last post

    The Junk Box

  15. Newcomer to this forum

    Started by glovisol, Thu 26th Sep 2019 19:23
    antenna, faq, forum, ham, ham radio, loop antenna, matching, posts, radio, rsp, rspduo, sdrplay
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 1,124
    Last Post: Mon 7th Oct 2019 21:18
    by N4AAB  Go to last post
  16. New member looking for resources

    Started by SacScanner, Wed 25th Sep 2019 21:40
    baofeng, baofeng uv-5r, dx, ham, ham radio, ht, license, radio, radios, technician
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 894
    Last Post: Mon 7th Oct 2019 21:20
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  17. Greetings - New HAM here

    Started by dchapma1, Sun 15th Sep 2019 22:12
    antenna, arrl, baofeng, ham, ham radio, hello all, ht, ic-7300, icom, license, new ham, radio, radios, repeaters, sdr, vintage
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 819
    Last Post: Mon 16th Sep 2019 06:17
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  18. Getting Started

    Started by Hitdogg, Sat 14th Sep 2019 11:43
    2m, amateur radio, arrl, baofeng, call sign, calling, callsign, cb, cw, fm, ham, ham radio, ht, license, questions, radio, repeater, repeaters, replies, simplex, ssb, website
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 924
    Last Post: Sun 15th Sep 2019 11:13
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    The Junk Box

  19. Hi

    Started by inkb0t, Mon 9th Sep 2019 22:12
    ham, ham radio, license, questions, radio
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 461
    Last Post: Mon 9th Sep 2019 22:12
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  20. Hello from KN4WSC

    Started by RM44, Wed 28th Aug 2019 10:53
    2m, 70cm, antenna, ham, ham radio, hamfest, ht, net, power, radio, satellite
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 684
    Last Post: Wed 28th Aug 2019 13:57
    by 5B4AJB  Go to last post
  21. Where to start...

    Started by MrKiltYou, Mon 26th Aug 2019 14:53
    amateur radio, antenna, arrl, distance, exam, free, full, general class, general class license, ham, ham radio, handheld, hf, idea, images, license, mw, phone, power, radio, radios, repeaters, studying, thoughts
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 1,556
    Last Post: Tue 10th Sep 2019 15:59
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  22. Handheld Radios Advice on FT-60R accessories

    Started by SNOGAL, Fri 5th Jul 2019 22:25
    100, 2m, 70cm, antenna, battery, battery pack, contesting, cw, dx, groundplane, ham, ham radio, ht, license, mobile, portable, power, questions, radio, radios, repeater, replacement, studying, testing, truck, yaesu
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 1,492
    Last Post: Sun 7th Jul 2019 20:33
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  23. Need a grounding solution

    Started by Rich A, Sat 29th Jun 2019 02:43
    100, antenna, arrl, coax, foundation, full, ground, ham, ham radio, idea, power, problem, qth, radio, repeater, saturday, snow, space, swl, system, testing, wire
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 3,140
    Last Post: Sat 29th Jun 2019 22:18
    by Psi*  Go to last post


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