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  1. Battery Life (And Charge Cycles) - How to maximize?

    Hello all,

    Fairly new to the hobby, and enjoying the radio almost every day! I monitor in my work truck throughout my shift, and rather than burn though batteries and worry about constant...
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    Ok, bad phrasing I suppose. What I could have...

    Ok, bad phrasing I suppose. What I could have said was, "it's going into my 'radio' bag for safe keeping." It was my first radio years ago, and was my gateway into the hobby. It's still a great...
  3. FT60R - Using the mic as a MIC only???

    Hey folks,

    New technician here, and trying to get the hang of things. Loving the much in fact, I take it with my to work all day! I drive a cement truck, and usually have my FT60R...
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    Laying the Baofeng to rest.


    I'm newly licenced as a technician as of the 30th of last year (Dec '19). Haven't keyed up more than once or twice yet, as I'm still a little gunshy. (Funny, because all I wanted to do...
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