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  1. SDRplay announces a new SDR receiver - the RSPdx

    SDRplay have announced a new member of their RSP family of SDR receivers

    The RSPdx is a replacement for the highly successful RSP2 and RSP2pro SDR receivers, which have been extensively redesigned...
  2. SDRplay releases Scanning Software in SDRuno Version 1.3

    SDRplay is pleased to announce the release of SDRuno v1.3. This is a major upgrade to SDRuno, which adds a number of important new features and is intended for all RSP models including the now...
  3. Updated SDRplay Raspberry Pi3 SD Card image

    The SDRplay downloadable SD card image for the Raspberry Pi3 is proving very popular both for introducing radio to RPi users, and enabling existing radio enthusiasts to have a lot of fun. The latest...
  4. Creating virtual COM ports with com0com for SDRuno

    We sometimes want to set up virtual COM ports to allow synchronization between SDRuno and other logging or decoding software. Here we show how to set this up using the free software com0com.
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    Antenna comparison using an SDR

    In this new video from SDRplay, we show how to use an RSP SDR receiver to compare performance between different antennas. Although primarily intended to illustrate the technique to perform this...
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    Help for SDR users

    SDRplay have put together a searchable catalogue of articles, applications, data and links to YouTube videos which provide help and guidance on many aspects of SDR use - this is a growing resource,...
  7. SDRplay RSPduo review available to read here

    Mike Richards’ review of the RSPduo, which appeared in the July 2018 edition of RadCom is now available to download from the SDRplay website: ...
  8. Ham Band Framing makes learning to use an SDR receiver much easier

    The latest version of SDRuno - the SDR software for the SDRplay family of SDRs - includes a neat new feature called "band framing" which auto-adjusts the settings needed to perfectly "frame" the...
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    This book is quite good from the RSGB called...

    This book is quite good from the RSGB called Software Defined Radio by Andrew Barron - recently updated (although the index of current SDRs still doesn't include the latest SDRs like the Airspy HF+...
  10. This video shows the set-up for SDRplay -...

    This video shows the set-up for SDRplay -

    More info on
  11. SDRplay launches a new wideband full featured 14-bit SDR

    SDRplay Limited has today announced the launch of a new Software Defined Radio product – the RSP1A.

    The SDR-play RSP1A is a major upgrade to the popular RSP1 and is a powerful wideband full...
  12. SDRplay releases new version of SDRuno V1.2

    Version 1.2 of SDRuno is now released.

    This release addresses a number of usability issues and bug fixes as well as implementing some new features.
    The main change to the SP1 display has been to...
  13. SDRplay RSP1 price has been reduced to $99.95

    SDRplay have announced a price reduction for the RSP1 to $99.95 USD making it the most competitive mid-range SDR to include reception down to low frequencies without the need for an upconverter. The...
  14. SDRplay non-windows command line tool examples updated for RSP1 and RSP2

    For those of you developing your own applications, we have updated the play_sdr command line tool on our GitHub repository ( ) to support both the RSP1 and...
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    It depends a lot on the frequency and spacings -...

    It depends a lot on the frequency and spacings - probably best to ask the question on the SDRplay community forum - or the very active Facebook Group:...
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    New review of SDRplay RSP2 just released

    There's a link to a new review of the SDRplay RSP2 on which people might find interesting. One of the new things...
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    SDRplay RSP2 software recently released

    The RSP2 from SDRplay is now supported by SDR-Console V3 Preview (V5) as well as HDSDR and other EXTIO-based SDR software. The ARM64 platform is in beta test. The RSP2 is also supported by...
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    RSP1 and SDR-Console get great review in this month's QST Magazine

    Fo the benefit of others reading this debate - I'd like to draw your attention to the article referenced here where QST Magazine comment favourably about SDRplay, SDRuno AND SDR-Console -...
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    SDRplay has launched a new SDR - the RSP2

    SDRplay Limited has today announced the launch of a second Software Defined Radio product – the RSP2.
    Building on the popularity of our first product, the RSP1, we have now launched the RSP2. The...
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