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I've Having Problems signing up to Forum

If you have a problem signing up to the forum, please use the contact us link at bottom of every page.

We use spam stopping service and it does at times prevent a genuine user from signing up.

If you contact us because of signup problems, please provide your Username, and Email address (especially if different from one on the contact us form).

An Admin will look into getting you signed up and what maybe preventing you from joining.

This may take a few days as the Admin have normal jobs and also like contesting so even weekends may mean a slow response.

One final point is it's not personal if you are prevented from joining, but just our spam prevention system which can make errors.

I Am Not A Spammer, but your signup says I am, what gives?

OK, so you got this far, you're probably not. Now, we use a well known Spam Filtering service called www.stopforumspam.com. Chances are it stopped you because of the
  • IP Address
  • Username
  • Email Address
In that order. The Admins or Mods at HamRadioForum.net don't personally stop anyone, but we do use active spam prevention.

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