HamRadioForum FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

General Rules

  • No Profanity or Inappropriate Material (In other words, keep it PG)
  • No Insulting posts
  • No Personal attacks
  • No Purposeless inflammatory posts
  • No Illegal activities (such as music piracy, drugs, or hacking)
  • No Spam
  • No Trolling or Flaming
  • No Posting meaningless threads, one word replies, non-sense posts
  • No Bumping posts
  • No cross posting. Post your message once, to the appropriate topic and nowhere else.
  • No using all CAPS or special characters to draw attention. Don't use excessive amounts of smilies.
  • No Impersonating a moderator or Admin.
  • No Member shall make a post primarily to be an advert for any product.
  • No Member adverts for items for sale privately, including links to other sites, blogs, or personal contact details
  • No Defaming or Slanderous remarks
  • Multiple accounts are not allowed
  • Multiple posting, repeat posting or meaningless posts just to increase your post count are not allowed.

  • Topics in the Amateur Radios Sections should only be about Amateur Radio.
  • Topics about Amateur Radios used, converted, modded to work on other frequencies like Airband, CB, etc will be moved to "The Junk Box" forum or deleted.
  • Please try to stay on topic. Start a new topic if you have something else to say.
  • Use a title that describes the content of your post
  • When replying to a comment, quote the minimum amount of text necessary for context. Often, no quote is needed.
  • Before posting a question, please read the FAQ and search the forums for an answer.
  • Before posting, please reread your post for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Don't overuse abbr. (I mean abbreviations)
  • If you notice a problem that needs to be addressed, please PM a admin or moderator.
  • If a Admin posts specific rules for a forum or topic, they must be obeyed.
  • If you share your account with someone and they break the rules, it will be treated the same as if you broke the rules yourself.


  • New Members will be Moderated.
  • The amount of moderated posts is set low enough for Admins to determine how legit posts are.
  • Moderation removal will not be notified.
  • Approved users can be moved to Moderated users if the need arises.


  • No Member shall make a post primarily to be an advert for any product is forbidden.
  • No Member adverts for items for sale privately, including links to other sites, blogs, or personal contact details
  • No member shall "paste" in advertisment or content from another website.
  • No member shall use their profile URL to advertise products or services.
  • Members may be permitted to mention products in relation to helping and supporting other forum members and in keeping with the spirit of hrf.


  • An avatar is a little picture that will appear adjacent to your posts.
  • Avatars of a sexual nature are not allowed.
  • Animated GIFs should be used sparingly.
  • Maximum size allowed is 125x125 pixels.


  • A signature is a short piece of text that is automatically added to the end of your posts.
  • The maximum length of a signature is 400 characters.
  • BBCode formatting inside signatures is allowed.
  • All of the above rules apply to the content of your signature.
  • Please refrain from using adverts (including but not limited to links or images) in your signature.
  • Links to your own personal websites are allowed.

Other Rules

  • It is impossible and impractical to list every rule possible, so use common sense.
  • If asked by a admin or moderator to stop or change a behaviour or action, you should do so.
  • You cannot claim that it was not stated in the rules.
  • Admins & moderators give their own time to keep the boards running smoothly. It is their job to keep the forums clean, so don't think that they're "out to get you".
  • Additionally, an attack on a moderator or editor shows a particular lack of regard for the rules, and will get you banned rather quickly.
  • Users will find their time on the board much more enjoyable when they follow the rules and address the moderators and all users politely.

Why is it so hard to post??

We require a low amount of posts to be moderated to stop any spam. We also require that until this limit is reached that a reCaptcha image verification is also completed. Once you have been moved out of the moderated group, it's a lot easier to post and they show up immediately.

Where did my post go?

When you first join the forum a low number of posts will be moderated. This is done by a small team who may not be around all the time. Please don't repost, we will eventually clear the moderation queue. This is normally within an hour or two, but during work hours (UK time) or Amateur Radio Contests this may take longer.


Right, that's the official stuff over with, now go enjoy the forum.

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