View Full Version : Cautionary tale

Sun 23rd Feb 2020, 20:35
Just over a year ago I bought a new Icom ID51E+, I had been on DMR for just over a year prior to that. Whereas I can use my TYT MD-380 for over an hour whilst going for a walk (working through a local repeater) I can't do the same with the Icom, in fact I really struggle with a QSO over five minutes, why? well because the ID51E+ gets so hot! I noticed this straight away and phoned the vendor who supplied it, they were really dismissive about it and said what did I expect, the PA is causing the heat and it is only a small radio! To be honest, If I had knew I would have just waited a little while and bought a D-star mobile use as a home base.

Mon 24th Feb 2020, 12:47
Yes, the diecast back on my old IC-P2E gets quite warm on high power after a while, a nice feature in the winter...