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Sun 8th Sep 2019, 05:16
Please recommend other 10-12w portable handhelds dual band.. I'm considering the yanton t650uv and tyt uv8000d. Thanks

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Mon 27th Jul 2020, 15:35
From my measurement of TYT TH-UV8000D, the power output is quite variable - higher towards upper frequencies of the band. Lower part can be less than 4 W. So it is quite incostistent.
This topic is a kind of "choose two" - 10-12 real W portable will not be handheld, 10-12 W handheld will not be very portable (for handheld), (really) postable handheld will not have 10+ W power output. At 10 W, heat dissipation is starting to be a problem.
You can compare Albrecht AE2990 AFS handheld (4 W AM/FM/SSB) and AE 5890 mobile (12 W SSB, maybe it is possible to have about 30 W if modded). Circuitry is almost the same palm sized board but 7,2/9,6 V vs 12-16 V and different output stage with better heat dissipation. Modern compact handhelds are having overheating problems even when used purely for RX for a long time (better when squelched).
I would say there are also diminishing returns - power consumption vs not so greatly improved range (multiplying the power 2 times = multiplying the intensity of the electric field at the same distance by sqrt(2)).