View Full Version : Decoding Satellite Telemetry

Wed 3rd Jul 2019, 12:46
Hi HamRadioForum,
I am an engineer commissioning a small satellite ground station for my university and have now come to the stage of looking at the software side of things...
I have already looked into the dashboards and foxtele etc. offered by AMSAT, which look useful, however the ground station needs to be moderately simple to use in operation, therefore best not to have a huge plethora of different pieces of software for each different satellite. What I would like to know is how I might go about writing my own decoding software, to take the raw signal coming into the computer, via a sound card, from our transceiver, demodulate it, then decode the resulting demodulated binary and present it in an understandable way.
for a start all we would be looking to do is decode telemetry for any satellite we can listen to, the antenna set-up being crossed Yagis on VHF and UHF.
Also where might I be able to find documentation for the format of the telemetry data of each satellite, to determine how to decode it?
thanks very much for any advice