View Full Version : Ten-Tec Delta

Rick Riddle
Wed 27th Mar 2019, 14:40
I need some help. I have a Ten-Tec Delta II
Can someone tell me if this Radio is operationally
close to any other Ten-Tec?
Its a full HF 100+ watt Rig/ with AT
Thanks for any help you could give.
So hard to find anything about this Radio.

Rich A
Sat 17th Aug 2019, 13:58
I've got a Ten Tec Argonaut II which is the QRP version of the Delta. Here is a link to the Ten Tec manual archives for that rig. Ten Tec combined the Argo and Delta manuals originally. Don't know if you found the info yet, if not try this:


73, Rich WA1TRY