View Full Version : Anyone successfully doing EME with the new WSJT digital modes?

Wed 7th Feb 2018, 04:54
Just wondering if anyone has tried any of the WSJT weak signal digital protocols such as J65 for EME in the VHF or UHF bands and if so, what power and antennas youíre using. I have a satellite station with az-el steerable single 2M and 70CM high gain CP yagis. I recently finished a home brew 2 x 4CX250B 2M linear which is capable of about 500W out. Now the question is what to use it for since satellite doesnít require anywhere near this power level (I use 100W Max for SSB from a Mirage solid state amp). I would have never considered such a ďpunyĒ antenna system for EME even with relatively high power, but Iím wondering if some of the new weak signal digital modes like the suite from WSJT might make that possible. Iíd love to hear from anyone whoís tried them for EME, and if youíre successful, what type antenna, protocol and power youíre running. Trying this will mean tilting down the tower, replacing the T/R relays around the tower mounted GAs FET preamps for the higher power, etc, and I donít want to make the effort without some chance of success. I can put out similar power on 70CM if thatís a better choice than 2M.

Thanks in advance for your comments and experience
73, DE K4CKB