View Full Version : 1960's Radio Identification Help Needed

Sun 19th Nov 2017, 04:26

Wondering if anyone can identify the brand and model of the portable transmitter shown in the pictures from this link to a Gilligan's Island episode from the mid 1960's. There is a good picture of it about half way down in the picture at this link.


Sun 19th Nov 2017, 08:07
I'm not convinced it is a transceiver, given the period. Probably an empty box for show...

Sun 19th Nov 2017, 17:04
I would hazard a guess that it is real, by the amount of detail on it and for shows like that, it would be easier and cheaper to borrow a real radio, rather than knock one up for the show - For example, the broadcast radio they use is a Packard Bell AR-851 ("http://gilligan.wikia.com/wiki/The_Radio)

I guess you could ask on the Wiki page for the episode where it was used: http://gilligan.wikia.com/wiki/Take_A_Dare