View Full Version : TH-D74A and WWV

Thu 2nd Nov 2017, 19:04
Hi all,
Using a Kenwood th-D74A I am unable to hear WWV on 5mhz or 10mhz. What am I doing wrong? Tuned to 10.000.00 or 5.000.00 on AM. I live 50 miles from Fort Collins and I get nothing.
Thank you!

Fri 3rd Nov 2017, 01:22
What sort of antenna are you using? You might try 15 MHZ - I've heard WWVH quite often when I couldn't hear Ft Collins.

Fri 3rd Nov 2017, 13:42
Using the standard rubber duck. But you would think this close I could hear something.

Fri 3rd Nov 2017, 20:49
The way I read the user guide is that you can only do AM on the B band. Other than that, I have no idea why you can't hear it.