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Tue 3rd Oct 2017, 13:39
Thanks Paul for the new sub-forum.
It seems this is the first post to this new sub-forum.

I have been using my FT-817ND with an Arrow antenna on the SSB satellites with some success. I've been using an HT for the FM birds. I wonder if anyone has had success using the FT-817 for the FM birds. The advice for working them is to turn squelch off and that works fine when I use my HT. However, with the FT-817, it seems the squelch cannot be turned off completely. There is a menu option to set the SQL/RF-GAIN control (default is SQL on FM modes) to RF-GAIN. When I set this to RF-GAIN, the squelch will open occasionally on random noise but it seems that there is an internal squelch setting that prevents permanent open squelch.

So my question is, has anyone overcome this and does anyone use the FT-817 on the FM satellites?

Pete K5CPR

Thu 2nd Nov 2017, 16:36
Do you work half-duplex?

I've had most success on the Sats (when I'm on) working full duplex... for the FM sats, either 2 HT's or the D72A, though I've been mostly using that for APRS/Sats.