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Tue 5th Sep 2017, 22:09
Hi all

Complete newbie here. And I definitely wouldn't class myself even as high as a ham radio amateur.

I am hoping someone may be able to help me with programming the Motorola GP344 to new VHF channels.

I have two GP344 Motorola handheld's and my licence that I use in the security industry (12.5Khz bandwidth). I have 3 UHF channels on them at the moment.

But most of the people I work with use VHF and a specific frequency, which luckily I have - 173.0875 MHz

I have the software and the cable and I am able to fully access the panel and I think I have worked out what I need to do, but not only am I rather wary at completely leaving myself without working radios, I don;t know which codeplug to use. Any help on the various elements would be massively appreciated:

- which codeplug should be used for the GP344 for VHF High Band frequency 173.0875 MHz on the 12.5 Khz bandwidth?
- once I have that installed (I have already saved my current setup) I can just type in the frequency for TX and RX
- My UHF channels use PL for TX PL mode - do I stick with that for VHF?
- My UHF channels use 023 for TX DPL - do I stick with that for VHF?
- My UHF channels use TX PL code of XZ/67.0 Hz- do I stick with that?
- My UHF channels use 67 (presumably this is Hz) for TX PL frequency - do I stick with that?

Any help would be massively appreciated, especially on the CodePlug. If I get that absolutely right, I am sure trial and error will allow me to get the right bits for the other parts

Thank you in advance

Thu 19th Oct 2017, 21:37
Hello elmondi,

The only thing I can supply is this website https://www.motorolasolutions.com/content/dam/msi/docs/business/products/two-way_radios-licensed/portable_radios/gp_professional_series/gp344/_documents/_static_files/gp344_brochure.pdf. Notice at the bottom the UK address and telephone number. I think they're about the only ones to advise you which way to proceed. Outside of Motorola-Solutions, Inc. try this website: http://www.batlabs.com/ or this website: https://www.radioreference.com/ as these people deal with the Commercial LMR Side of questions.


Fri 20th Oct 2017, 07:25
Do you have UHF or VHF radios? If I understand you, you have working UHF radios and want to use VHF channels? If so, your plan won't work. The radios are supplied in two versions with the same model number, and they are one or the other, not both. Hypothetically then, to put them on any channel to work with somebody else, you need to know TX freq, RX freq, and then what system they're using to stop unwanted conversations coming through - which as that VHF frequency is a very popular one, in the simple licence, means all VHF hire stock is likely to have that one in it - is critical.

The practical side is that you either buy the expensive Motorola programming software, find somebody who has it, or download it from somewhere like this excellent resource https://hamfiles.co.uk/index.php?page=downloads&type=entry&id=radio-programming%2Fmotorola-programming%2Fmotorola-gp340-rss

This will enable you to put anything you like in the band your radio can work in. If they have the same radios, the simplest thing is install this on a laptop and then do a read of their radios, which will give you all the info - but the drawback is you will need a VHF version of their radios if that's what they use, second thing of course is that you will have to buy a programming cable to do this.

I've got a pile of Kenwoods in my hire stock and somebody packed them away removing the antennas - the only obvious way of telling what band they are. In my case you then have to remove the battery from every one to find out which version they are.

Fri 20th Oct 2017, 15:04
Several years ago, Motorola-Solutions, Inc. Marketing Department changed the different band model numbers so these people would know what Model Number they were talking about. This didn't make a bit of sense to Engineering as we had the Best break down that everyone knew, you would have had to be an idiot (Marketing personnel) not to understand the previous Model Numbers. But Marketing made their own Model Numbers and that's what we're stuck with. I'm guessing the two individual Model Numbers will start with a H03 for VHF and H04 for UHF and that's the Best I can do.


Tue 30th Jan 2018, 06:23
Hell Elmondi.... asuming that i understand your question correctly then the short answer is.

Motorola GP344 UHF is not able to use VHF frequency´s......

Motorola GP344 from what i know produced in 2 versions...... a UHF and a VHF version.... they cant switch bands.....

if you want to use VHF frequency´s then you need to buy VHF radios.

OR buy some chinese DUAL BAND radios....

Motorola dous not make Dual Band radios from what i know....personally i have a Baofeng UV-82 Dual Band , wich is a VHF/UHF Dual band radio with Dual Standby ( it can listen on 2 channels at the same time... fks 1 VHF channel + 1 UHF or 2 VHF or 2 UHF channels at the same time-......... keep in mind it uses Kenwood style accessory plugs... not Motorola´s plug.. so you are not able to use your GP344 accessorys with it, there are many chinese Dual Band radio models ).

in regards to "Codeplug"........ start off with READING your radio´s Codeplug.... then save the Codeplug on your computer to keep it safe.... then Modify the things you want.... then Write it to your radio............ it is NOT possible to download a VHF Codeplug and Write that into your UHF radio to make it use VHF frequency´s

i hope this helps you.

(speaking from my limited knowledge) ;) wiser people may correct my statements.