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Fri 17th Mar 2017, 17:20
I am very new to ham radio and I'm starting with a Baofeng UV-82HP. I am having very little luck getting transmissions to go through to repeaters or even on simplex. Me and a friend tested with handhelds and about 500 yards was about as far as our signal was going, I could see him, but not send him a transmission at 700 yards. Is it something I am doing, or is this as good as I can expect from a $40 dollar radio? If its the radio, can I get recommendations on Hand Helds that will give me more Tx range? Thanks in advance for your help!

Fri 17th Mar 2017, 21:51
Which radio model, which band?

On a UV5R I've had 3 or 4 miles regularly on the stock antenna on 2m.

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Sat 18th Mar 2017, 05:22
On my UV5 I can get the local repeater which is about 15 km / 10 miles away.

Have you tried find other radio amateurs and seeing if they can help? Try contacting your local club. Radio amateur clubs often have test gear they can check out radios with. Just do a web search for the name of your town or city and the words radio amateur club.

Mon 3rd Apr 2017, 23:25
I have the UV5 also and hit our repeated at about 9 miles. Check you output power on the 82. Sounds like you may be in low power modes, < 1W.

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Tue 4th Apr 2017, 21:09
Sounds like you may be in low power modes, < 1W.
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Yes, this was the default mode on my UV5. Once I maxed the Tx power the range increased quite a bit. Getting into the local repeater 5 miles away is easy now :)