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christopher walrath
Wed 15th Feb 2017, 01:14
Got a UV5RA Baofeng over a year ago. We'll call him Senior. Used it with my R.A.C.E.S. group at events. Very pleased with it. Got a backup this January just past that we shall name Junior. All of a sudden both of them have come down with the same bug at the same time.

I have a 2M repeater that is about 20 miles away. With the 15" whip, they hit the repeater just fine. So, I am trying to test Junior and I am tripping the repeater but no response. I try it with Senior. Same thing. Hitting the repeater but no signs of life. And in a net. I switch to a local, closer, inactive repeater. I Tx with Senior, holding Junior to my ear. No audio from me through the repeater but I can hear the time out on the repeater. I switch Senior for Junior, same thing. I am Txing the repeater, I am hitting it. The light on the non-Tx radio lights up as receiving a signal from the repeater, a dead carrier.

Now here is the rub. I switch to a simplex frequency, 146.480. I Tx with Senior and hear myself through Junior. I Tx with Junior and hear myself through Senior.

(blink blink - what the...)

I have also recently tried to program both of the radios using CHIRP. I had done so with Senior months ago. I made an updated image and reprogrammed Senior. The upload took, so it seemed. Junior, some kind of firmware issue halted the clone. So I keyed in 25 channels. Properly, I would think as two of the repeaters worked, just no Tx-ing audio.

Also, I am Rx-ing the nets on the radios just fine. The 20 mile distant repeater, even one down in Salisbury, MD, a good 30 miles plus by way the crow flies.

It has to be something that I have done recently for both of these radios to be acting the same way. The programming? The plugging and unplugging of the twin jack programming cable? Aside from that, the two have shared nothing. Again, I am hitting the repeater. I am just transmitting a dead carrier before I release the PTT and I hear the repeater sign off. And while transmitting on one HT, the other lights up as if it is receiving a signal from the repeater, just no audio from me.

Batteries fully charged. Holding the antenna/radio vertically. Speaking into the mic, conscious to not cover the wee little hole with a finger or thumb. I am flummoxed. What more info do you need for a good tack on this problem? I would really like to get these guys up and running before long. Makes walking Punkin Chunkin difficult to do if no one can hear reports. Of course, they all might like the change. Hee hee.

Thanks all. 73s

Wed 15th Feb 2017, 01:31
Are you transmitting with one radio at the same time you're trying to listen with the other? Are the radios in close proximity to each other?

If the radios are close together, it's likely the one transmitting is desensing the receiver in the other. In other words, the transmitter of one causes the other to go deaf, so you're not hearing the repeater. Have someone take one of the radios down the street and have them listen to while you transmit. If they hear you via the repeater, then desense is your problem.

christopher walrath
Wed 15th Feb 2017, 02:19
They are indeed in either hand. But, is this is for duplex transmit only? As I mentioned, I can hear myself in the second HT via simplex.

christopher walrath
Wed 15th Feb 2017, 15:01
I have done some reading and I think I get it. I have not had the chance to drive down the street and test it yet. But I now understand why the radios seem to be cancelling each other out on duplex operation.

I's be learnin' stuff.

Thinker thingy engaged. And that is always a good thing. Will advise tonight.

christopher walrath
Wed 15th Feb 2017, 23:32
De-Sensitzation. I have learned something today that is radio-related. That makes today a great day. Many thanks. All is well, with both radios.

Thu 16th Feb 2017, 01:45
De-Sensitzation. I have learned something today that is radio-related. That makes today a great day.

It'll definitely keep you from getting your antenna up. :rapture: