View Full Version : Base Radios CW keyer hook-up

Thu 29th Dec 2016, 20:08
Have a TEN-TEC Jupiter with a 645A keyer and no idea how to hook it up.. Has red and black wire with RCA jacks. Anyone have any experience with this?

Fri 30th Dec 2016, 18:38
No actual experience, but http://www.vintagemanuals.com/manuals.php?manufacturer=Ten-Tec may be able to provide a manual and schematic.

You should be able to measure resistance across each of the output leads and see that, at the same speed setting, one of the RCA connectors or leads will actuate the instrument about 3 times faster than the other one. The faster one will be the "dit" lead, leaving the other one as the "dah" lead. You should have a schematic of the Jupiter to show what goes where, with what sort of connector.