View Full Version : I at my wits end wth Dstar.

Tue 11th Oct 2016, 05:59
My registration is good. I cannot seem to be heard. I have exhausted myself reading the same help files over and over again. What am I missing? Somebody please point me to a solution.

KI7HKE ID-51a plus

Tue 11th Oct 2016, 18:00
Unfortunately, that's a bit like saying my car won't start, what's wrong.

Have you been on the website and checked you are listed in the system. If you are, then what settings have you entered into your radio?

In the meantime, this site may help, if you haven't already seen it:-


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Sun 16th Oct 2016, 01:22
Are you not being heard on the repeater itself or are you not getting into the gateway to a reflector ? If it's the repeater then something Is off in your settings grab a buddy or another rig and try going d* simplex to see if your information is being transmitted, also remember you will not get a tone return from the repeater kerchunk it and wait to see if it sends it's ID to you.

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