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Tue 4th Oct 2016, 00:39
I am trying to register for dstar all goes fine until I enter my email address either Yahoo or Gmail and then it says Error! And wants the type of email! What can you add to your email address to specify Type! I am completely lost I have tried adding pop3 ,smtp etc but no dice

What on earth do I enter ?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Tue 4th Oct 2016, 10:15
I'm not sure what process you are using to register.

In England we are asked to register via the nearest repeater, but not alp offer this facility on their website. As such, Icom UK will arrange registration. However, I haven't found this facility on the USA website.

The main way is to register via http://www.dstargateway.org/D-Star_Registration.html which proved difficult for me, hence my approach to Icom.

There is an email address on the opening page, in case you are experiencing difficulties.

I do know that many organisations do not allow Yahoo or Gmail addresses, as an awful lot of worldwide scams tend to emanate from such addresses.

If you don't have an alternative try emailing the help address.

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