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Sun 5th Jun 2016, 19:01
I just received a 538 JUPITER that I bought on eBay--I do not have an antenna set up yet on the bands I am going to use--20 40 15 but I have what I thought would be an adequate long wire. A fan antenna not hung but unrolled on my shack floor

I am trying all the bands and get background noise but no signals--i have tried 5000 1000 and 15000 but nothing i tuned in a powerful am Boston Station on 1030 AM and do receive that but not full quieting - I am in York Beach, Maine about 60 miles air from Boston- Any suggestions on what might be wrong if anything ??without me hanging an antenna just yet ?? THANK YOU

Sun 5th Jun 2016, 21:22
Try building a simple ATU, that might bring the resonance somewhere nearer what you're tuning to.

Also, you could try pinning (or taping) the antenna to the wall/ceiling, but getting it 6" away fro anything will do better...

Mon 6th Jun 2016, 04:24
Hello Wayne,

I concur with Dem that you need to get the antenna up off the floor, higher towards the ceiling and it would be better if you hung a long wire outside. There's something else going on here and this is the downside of Cycle 24, it wasn't that good for Sunspots and it peaked about half way up and here's even worse news Cycle 25 in eleven years isn't suppose to peak at all. Most hams are shifting their operations to 40, 60, 80 and 160 meters, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meters will be unusable especially at night time. If you're able to hear WWV at 5 MHz out on the eastcoast, then that isn't too bad. Hearing the local AM Broadcast Station at 1030 KHz should be stronger unless they're using a direction antenna array and less than 50 KW RF Power then it's anyone's guess. As far as the signal strength for the AM Broadcast Station, we never use the term Full Quieting as this is used strictly for Analogue FM signals. One other item that you may or may not know, TEN-TEC has been bought and sold three times and they no longer provide free consulting. TEN-TEC charges $145.00 Per Hour to consult and/or repair their radio equipment. TEN-TEC was at the Dayton Hamvention but no new transceivers yet.


Mon 6th Jun 2016, 14:36
Dem and Dan, thank you for the quick response. I will get the antenna up and most likely in my attic, I planned for it up there anyway. I will be happy if I can hear WWV on 5 and also 40 m would be fine. I plan to do a lot of digital work with psk and rtty and cw so hopefully it's not a set problem. To bad about TenTec. Along with elacraft and I think Alnico they are the only USA companies left and I'm not sure about Alnico. Thanks for the help 73 W1WBL