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Thu 21st Apr 2016, 22:43
I am new to ham radio and D-Star, and have an Icom ID-5100. Our local D-Star repeater has a net on Saturday mornings for new users. The settings I was told to use when I registered were UR:CQCQCQ,

Using those settings the radio sets R2 to Not Used and only one person in the net last weekend could hear me. The repeater has a prerecorded message about the net settings which says set UR:CQCQCQ and only R1:WB7DZG C. The 5100 TO SELECT settings has Local CQ same as I set, and Gateway CQ which sets and uses R2. Reading various online help I think I should be using Gateway CQ for the net, and hope members here might confirm that is correct. I don't want to blunder in 2 weeks running and cause the net problems.

Appreciate any help and guidance.

Sun 24th Apr 2016, 03:34
I use the icom 880h for dstar.if the 5100 is like mine,theres two channel modes you can use for dstar.DR mode and regular channel mode.on DR mode you can only store dstar repeaters.on channel mode you can store regular analog and dstar repeaters together.he's where the problem is,on DR mode,once the channel is stored,its very hard and confusing to change settings on the ur call,rpt1 and rpt2 fields.i gave up trying,so now i just store dstar and analog on regular channel mode.
As far as getting out on the gateway,your callsign has to be registerd with the Us trust server.if not,you will only be heard locally on a dstar a dstar repeater,but not on the reflector,because the reflector uses the gateway to link all repeaters together.hope this explains it for you.oh,and if you are registered,the rpt2 field has to have the repeater callsign with the g on the 8th position in order to get thru the gateway.this is where i had problems on DR mode,i wouldnt let me change the settings.let me know if you if you need more explanation,email me and ill give you my cell number,i can explain it better.

Sun 24th Apr 2016, 17:08
One other thing,as far as which one to use,local cq or gateway cq?just leave it on gateway cq for everything.
What happens if you dont?you attempt to make a local qso in your area,you have your settings on local cq,then the responding station has his setting on gatway cq.everyone connected to the reflector is only hearing one side of the qso.for some people this annoys them.if you leave it on gateway cq,everyone hears everybody.
The only time where i can see using local cq would work is when both stations are using local cq in the same local area.