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Sat 28th Nov 2015, 22:22
I recently bought a sealed lead acid battery to use when out portable and was wondering what others do to maintain the lifespan of these batteries when they are not being used.
A freind of mine said to me many years ago that the enemy of the LA battery was idleness, leading to sulphation and eventual extinction.
His reccomendation was, every couple of weeks to a month to connect a low wattage bulb accross it, something like a 2 watt bulb and allow it to bring the voltage down to a low state before subsequently connecting a trickle charger to it and bring it back up to full capacity again, this made sure that the cell plates were kept supple and avoided sulphation.

Does anyone have a valid case for blowing this practice out of the water or does it sound like sound advice ?

If you disagree what is your method for keeping LA batteries in tip top condition whilst in storage ?

Regards, Steve (G6JEF)

Sun 29th Nov 2015, 01:23
I use a battery tender to keep my LA Batteries in tip top shape. It keeps them charged but does not keep charging them. I have one dedicated to my genset.

Sun 29th Nov 2015, 10:00
Lead acid batteries last longest if they are kept fully charged but not over charged. If you are using a gell cell the max voltage will be slightly lower than a flooded battery. Get a good battery tender for the type of battery you have and leave it on.

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Sat 5th Dec 2015, 18:23
I have two 26 amp hour batteries. I get about 10 years of heavy use out of them as long as I keep them topped up. I connect a smart charger to them once a month.

Mon 11th Jan 2016, 09:17
The simplest method to keep Lead Acid batteries conditioned is to use simple power adapter that provides no more than 13.5V and connect it to the battery.

It does not have to be regulated or stabilized, even simple transformer with rectifier will do.

That will keep battery nearly fully charged but cannot overcharge it, so no sulphation can occur.

Thu 21st Jan 2016, 01:55
I use a battery desulphator that is hooked up all the time. I use a battery tender to the batteries at full charge without over charging them. Check out eBay for these.

Dave :victorious: