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Thu 9th Jul 2015, 10:30
I use my radio (currently a Wouxun) when hiking in Scotland and enjoy chatting to Sota contacts etc. (I have a ham radio licence) . However the wouxun is no good in rain so Im thinking of buying a xv-8de. However my friends who walk with me use pmr (446.00625 for 8 analog channels up to 446.09375 ?). I there a way of using/setting up the vx-8de to communicate with pmr?

Mon 27th Jul 2015, 14:07

The vx8 is a fine radio, if a touch pricey for my tastes. Consider using one of the single band handies that are available rather cheaply, or even two if you want two bands, as the performance will be much better than a widebander, especially on receive.

Regarding using a UHF amateur set on pmr446, you could (its not hard) but is strictly prohibited by your licence.


Jason G7RUX

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