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Fri 26th Jun 2015, 17:16
With the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, came the additional processing power I had been waiting for, and finally got around to getting one - on which I have running fldigi, and also using the CAT control to run my FT-897D.

I have also found it very useful for looking things up on the net, and completing my QRZ log book.

Quite addictive, so I've just bought a second, along with a case with an inbuilt touch screen, which I'll be seeing up over the weekend.

A very useful little device, well worth getting.

Kind regards,


Thu 4th Aug 2016, 16:36
Cool Hadn't thought about that but great use. Have to keep that in mind. But with only one income right now I'm just having to complete what I have and hold off anything new.