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Mon 8th Jun 2015, 02:07
Got a question about if a HT with a rubber duck antenna will hit the repeater.The repeater sits on a mountain at 3200 ft my location is about 930 ft i live in a valley the hills on each side of me are about 1100 ft.Will there be a problem transmitting or receiving on a HT with a rubber duck antenna to that repeater.I haven't taking my test yet or got an HT but wanted to ask the question for when I do get one.Thanks

Thu 11th Jun 2015, 16:54
Generally if a repeater is on a mountain top as you've described, even with a handheld transceiver and a rubber duck antenna, it should be relatively easy but if you have a 1,100 hill between you and the mountain top blocking your RF signal then it's going to be a problem. Remember this, location, location, location is very important while you are transmitting. You can move a foot or two either way and be solid or noisey into the repeater ... it's just that simple.

Thu 11th Jun 2015, 19:42
Find a local ham in your area and ask him the question. It's a lot easier to get an actual yes/no test done than to guess whether it would work. ARRL.org would be a good place to start. Find the closest ham radio club in your zip code. Find out when their next meeting is going to be and drop in on it. They, the locals, can answer your question better than someone like me on the West Coast.

Fri 12th Jun 2015, 12:54
That description sounds a lot like Phoenix, AZ. I was successful with a rubber duck in that environment like you described, but I upgraded to a Nagoya NA-771 antenna. It is a much better improvement. I still get less than great results inside the house (stucco with metal lathe) and in the car with it, but when I'm on the trail, its great.

So the official answer is yes you can, but it depends and if you get a better antenna, you get more yes you can and less depends.

Fri 12th Jun 2015, 13:23
I would echo the above answers. As suggested, there's probably a local ARC and chances are they probably have a website with contact info, so you may be able to email or call one of the local members with your questions. Just getting back into the hobby myself and that's what I did and received a call back from the immediate past president of the club and an email from the local RACES group director too. Planning on attending my first meeting with the ARC next week. I think you'll find most hams are friendly folk and interested in promoting the hobby.