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Pierre Dubuc
Thu 5th Mar 2015, 08:24
Hello my friends.

I'm a newby and not only in here, that is.

I would like to explore this new medium of communication ( for me ).

Also, I would like to know how/where to start.

I don't want to submerge you with tons of questions all the time.

Thank you

I also wish to meet you all.

Thanks a whole lot for accepting my registration.


Thu 5th Mar 2015, 10:58

Starting out in Amateur Radio need not be daunting - the best thing to do first is find a local club, they will provide pretty much everything you need to know about the hobby.

Try your local library or community centre for reference, they should have details of clubs and meeting times.

[edit] here (http://www.dxzone.com/catalog/Ham_Radio/Clubs/North_America/Canada/Quebec/) is a good place to start looking for local clubs...

Pierre Dubuc
Tue 10th Mar 2015, 06:10
Thanks a lot for your advice.

I've visited a few of your referrals.

But for now, can you help me only with this?

I could have a Uniden HR 2500 President full equipped and mod. Antenna and all. 300CA$

But what is the difference with the others we see on eBay... Yaesu FT 101 B Radio, Icom IC 720A Radio, Transceiver KENWOOD TS-520 Transceiver?

Are they all in the same family or I really really have to study more before I jump into this?


Pierre Dubuc

Tue 10th Mar 2015, 12:40
Welcome to the boards :)

I guess you need to ask yourself what it is you want to do with this hobby. Local rag chewing or going for DX contacts around the world, just sitting at home or driving around mobile.
The Uniden is a 10m only rig, you could use both mobile and in your home as a base radio.
The Yaesu and Kenwood are what many refer to as a "Boat Anchor". They are great older all band HF radios but heavy as hell and not something you want to move around much.
The Icom may be the only one that is still in production.

Have you looked at the Yaesu FT-857d? It's an all band HF/VHF/UHF rig that you can use as a base or mobile.
Don't forget that you can listen all you want on any band but you need to get your Amateur ticket to be able to transmit with any radio.

Pierre Dubuc
Wed 11th Mar 2015, 00:45
Good evening.

I don't want to just listen to my surrending neighbors or cops and ambulance.

I want to have access to friends in Texas, Fla., Calif. and my cousin in Kenya.

Also, at the limit...I've read that we can communicate with the Space Station.

So, is the Uniden enabled for this use?

I want a home based, thus, I dont mind for the big boat anchor if they are more appropriate for my needs.

Thank you for your advice.

Take Care

Pierre Dubuc

Wed 11th Mar 2015, 01:17
Hello Pierre,

Police and Fire will be using VHF if they haven't switched over to a Digital trunked system yet. If they are on a trunk system it's a private network and you won't likely be able to listen to them.
IF your friends and relatives have local 2m (VHF) repeater access that has either Echolink or IRLP and your local repeater also supports it you can talk to them via that. If they don't then your only other option is HF which you will need to pass the Basic+ to have access to all the bands.
The Space Station also uses a VHF link. I've heard them a few times talking to schools but haven't been able to contact them as of yet.

My 857d setup, simple and it works quite well.


Pierre Dubuc
Wed 11th Mar 2015, 04:30
So, if I only want to communicate with my friends around the world and I don't care about my immediate surrounding and cops.

What kind of big boat anchor should I get?

And do I need a big pole antenna outside my house or just cables?

Thanks again


Wed 11th Mar 2015, 22:07
There is no radio that will guarantee communication anywhere at any given time, that's what telephones do.

However, if you are patient, you can make long distance contacts regularly.
That Uniden is a great little radio, built for a single (10m) band, it does very well, probably better than some multiband radios costing 10x the price.

Here's your problem, do you want to specialize with the 10m band (which admittedly, is quite dead usually) and make some amazing contacts on relatively low power occasionally or have some hugely complicated multiband transceiver (with a huge antenna) that you probably won't use 75% of.

Start by investing in a good power supply, maybe a small beam & rotator, some good quality coax with remote coax switch, SWR meter, patch leads - the list goes on and on.
Use what you have until you know what else you want, go to a club and use their kit. Have a play and see which games you like ;)

Pierre Dubuc
Fri 13th Mar 2015, 07:33
Thanks again my friend.

Now, if I go with the Uniden HR 2500 President.

I live in a condo building.

The rig comes with a 20 foot antenna and a big 50 feet coaxial cable.

Can I just drive the cable atop the roof of the building with some sort of a receptical antenna?

Fri 13th Mar 2015, 13:57
Get the antenna as high as you can and unroll the coax fully. It would be wise to use a VSWR meter between the radio and coax before finalising the installation.

Pierre Dubuc
Tue 17th Mar 2015, 06:16
Hello my friends.

Thank you for your help.

As I said...I live in a complex condo wich is like 50 feet tall.

Can I drive the coax cable to the roof instead of using the antenna, with some type of a receiver/receptical as for the satellite tv?

Also, is the Kenwood TS-820S Radio Transceiver better than the Uniden HR 2510 President? Or they are not in the same category.

Thank you