View Full Version : Base Radios Argosy II 525d- locked on transmit mode

Dennis H.
Tue 10th Feb 2015, 19:20
I just bought a non-working Argosy II 525d that seems to be locked in transmit mode.

I have gotten as far as finding out that pulling connecter #2 on the control board allows the receiver to work seemingly perfectly in all modes on all bands. Plug #2 goes to the key jack and mic jack.

But plug that #2 plug back in and it goes back into transmit mode. Apparently transmitting on all bands.

Where to go next and what to check.

The manual is here.

Wed 11th Feb 2015, 04:19
follow where #2 goes, sounds like a stuck relay...

Dennis H.
Thu 12th Feb 2015, 12:54
That's what I thought also but it doesn't use relays, it uses pin diodes. I'm currently learning how pin diodes work. I was hoping someone has had this problem before and might point to their fix.