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Wed 17th Dec 2014, 14:12

please help.
don't know where to post and how to formulate question.

so, in general, how to:
-send/receive from 30 feet grp sloop sail boat from any part of world (basiclly open sea) to croatia (europe), daily (or weekly in bad conditions) 1 .jpg .tiff etc. photo file max 200kb from camera or sd card, position, and possibility to write text?
-which wave lenght, equipment etc?
-should be cheap, small, bulletproof (joke :) ) reliable, as possible factory made components. have experience in diy but would like to avoid to make boards, station etc because of limitations to repair on ocean.

20m wavelength station and raspberry? would it work?

thank a lot!

Bill Lionheart
Sat 22nd Oct 2016, 13:02
The standard answer, and one most cruising boats use is to use a Pactor3 modem over HF with WinLink or SailMail. I am lucky enough to have an M801 and Pactor on my 39 foot ketch.

But you could try using other HF protocols that are cheaper like Winmor.

For position reporting you can try APRS over HF, or you if you have a Pactor secure packet APRS.

Also I have experimented with a very QRP WSPR transmitter (a QRP labs U3) for one way position reports. Mine is in a waterproof box and is very rugged.