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Tue 16th Dec 2014, 01:55
Not sure if this is the right place for this.

SO has anyone ever contacted any of the Battleships? Think it would be a good time.

Operating Times, Frequencies, and Equipment

Pearl Harbor is 2500 miles from California and 5000 miles from the East Coast. The best propagation to the mainland is usually in the mid to late afternoon, say from 0000Z (2 PM local time) to 0300Z (5 PM local) when the ship closes to visitors. The best band is usually 20 meters, with 17 meters as an alternate. Sometimes 15 meters is also open, although not too often [as of early 2010]. If you're interested in DX, these same bands are usually open to South America and the entire Pacific Rim at this time as well as the US mainland.

Since the Navy designation for the Missouri is BB-63, we have the vanity call sign KH6BB and our nominal SSB operating frequencies are 14263, 18163, and 21363 kHz (also 24963 and 28463 if conditions warrant). If you're interested in CW, we have a vintage J-38 straight key, Vibroplex bug, and electronic keyer, all in parallel. You may also bring your own key/keyer if you wish. RF equipment varies, but will likely be a Kenwood TS-450 driving an AEA linear amplifier at about 1200W output. We also have a Collins S/Line which may be in operation. The antenna most commonly used is an original Navy HF discone (omnidirectional 10-30 MHz vertical) up on the bow of the ship, installed as part of the ship's refit in the mid 1980's.


Not tomorrow but next tuesday I plan on going and checking out to the setup, if all goes well and I get upgraded to General, I will be working some stations. The club is normally on air from 0900 HST (1900 UTC) and 1200 HST (2200 UTC).