View Full Version : having trouble setting SWR with Tentec QRP

Mon 10th Nov 2014, 12:20
Hi, I have a tectec QRP 40m CW tx
I'm relatively new to ham radio
I am running a random wire for an antenna connected to a MFJ tuner and a ASTATIC PDTC swr meter.
The problems I am having is when trying to check the SWR : I key up in (FWD) and adjust the CAL controlj but I cannot get full scale deflection. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Mon 10th Nov 2014, 14:19
Just a guess, but maybe that SWR meter needs a bit more RF power than the QRP rig is providing. Try tuning it into a dummy load and see if that makes a difference.

You can still use the meter at whatever reading it gives in FWD, and consider the REV or SWR as being proportional. It won't be exact, but if SWR is very close to FWD, you can use the tuner to minimize (or "minimize") it... Doing so just MIGHT boost the output power enough to reach full scale.

Mon 10th Nov 2014, 18:44
Thanks mate