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Fri 22nd Aug 2014, 07:34
I understand the various managers for UK RSGB QSL bureau used to keep QSL cards for awhile before sending them onto members with the SA envelopes which the members must provide. Now for some reason the mangers post on the cards almost as soon as they receive them. As a result it is costing anyone such as a club with several call signs a fortune, since it is likely each call sign is probably handled by different managers.

Actually I used to be a member of the RSGB for a number of years. But I ceased the year they radically increased the subs. I believe much of the cost of running the RSGB is keeping the complicated QSL Bureau running, and the now rather outdated printing and posting the RADCOM NL. May I suggest those of you who are members might ask them to seriously consider allowing a considerable discount for those members who never make use of the QSL Bureau, or are now quite willing to receive the RADCOM by email, as I do the RSGB Clubs NL. Now days many clubs all over the world email most if not all their NLs. Some at the RSGB maybe be horrified at the possible prospect of losing some much needed revenue. But I suspect their records would show most of the existing members do make use of the QSL Bureau. Whereas more people like me are quite willing to receive NLs by email, but would never use the Bureau, so would be willing to join if the subs were considerably less.

Fri 22nd Aug 2014, 08:39
The RSGB do much more than provide a QSL bureau and a magazine (not a Newletter but a well established and respected magazine).

They represent and lobby for amateur radio in the national and international communities, ensuring that spectrum allocations are maintained (and, if possible, increased) for use by radio amateurs and they negotiate on our behalf with OfComm regarding license conditions.

They also provide information, advice and assistance on matters such as planning disputes and interference problems.

I would imagine that the cost of the QSL bureau represents a very small part of the annual budget of the RSGB, especially as it is manned by volunteers.

I am proud to have been a member of the RSGB for 43 years, intially as a SWL and the last 41 years as a licensed amateur and I think the annual subscription represents excellant value for money.

Fri 22nd Aug 2014, 11:41
I see what you're saying, but the Society is like wider society, isn't it. One belongs to the society as a whole and uses the services one needs. You don't tell HMRC that you're not paying a proportion of your tax because you don't use certain public services, or you haven't got any children. Or withhold some of your council tax because you never go swimming, or didn't call the fire brigade in the previous twelve months. Same with the RSGB; members support the Society in its entirety through their membership, and use the services they need.

Fri 22nd Aug 2014, 11:44
I always thought you were supposed to write on the envelope how many cards they put in the envelope before posting.
Well that was how it used to work, has something changed?

Fri 22nd Aug 2014, 13:04
I have been told the number of envelopes needed by our QSO Manger has greatly increased to cover all 3 of the club call signs due to the new practice of posting cards as soon as possible no matter how few are involved.

Perhaps one of you who are members of the RSGB can ask what is the cost of running the QSL Bureau or find it in the annual accounts. Likewise the cost of emailing the Radcom must be negligible by email compared with printing and posting hard copes by snail mail. This is why the annual subs for our club is only 10 if you accept PDF copies of the NL compared with 12 if you still insist on printed copies being posted.

Look at this very modern US Club that makes ALL its NLs available to anyone on line at http://www.k3dn.org/feedback.htm Also being a very generous nation they are obviously prepared to take a chance it does not deter anyone from joining their club, because they can see the NLs for free. We in the Uk really do seem to be very backward in out approach to AR, as you can see any day by the small activity in the UK on Echolink anytime compared to that of even much poorer countries.

OH I know what some of HF diehards are going to say “Echolink and Repeaters are not real AR !! “. Which is why some have been horrified to hear from me I actually get a QSL card sent to me by some abroad at times, very grateful to hear a Brit on their local repeater. Being 81 I am not in a fit state to cope with massive HF antennas, and am also quite content to remain as a M3YXH

Fri 22nd Aug 2014, 13:21
Unless I am mistaken the probably far bigger ARRL economises by emailing ALL NLs to its members as below:-

• QST Magazine – your monthly membership journal
• Online Services –
 QST online monthly digital edition
 QST Archive and Periodical Search
 Product Review Archive
 Email forwarding
 E-Newsletters – delivered to your inbox

Sun 12th Apr 2015, 13:33
Having been a member of the RSGB for quite a few years since I was a SWL with a BRS number I find all the services they provide very useful indeed including the QSL bureau, and I will continue to be a member.