View Full Version : fox hunting ideas

Mon 18th Aug 2014, 14:34
been looking at setting up a fox hunt.

out of interest I know it is norm to build the transmitter ect, but why cant I just input a Morse signal into the mic socket of my UV5r and transmit that as the source.

I would get a better signal and easier to set up if I was to use a Arduino as the signal source ??


Mon 18th Aug 2014, 14:54
No reason what so ever. Just hope you find it again ;)

I think the reason Fox hunting was done with purpose built transmitters was that they being signal frequency and low powered meant they didn't need big batteries and were small.

If you use your own commercial gear, you'll need some sort of playback to put recorded audio into the mic, though I guess a small mp3-player and handheld TRX shouldn't take be very big.

Sun 18th Jan 2015, 16:21
Some of my more "Tricky" fox transmitters have included placing one inside an old Cell Phone, and leaving it on a picnic table amongst food and plates. Another was inside an aquarium. And my Mona-Lisa was inside a pile of Fake Dog Poop. You should see some of my Geocaches.. I've been told that I make some really evil ones. :upset: