View Full Version : Proper procedure for calling mayday on repeater?

Fri 25th Jul 2014, 17:56
Anything to know, or just key up and call mayday and report details of the emergency?

Sat 26th Jul 2014, 01:13
It helps to be "known" on the repeater, otherwise you'll probably be taken for a wind-up...

Sat 26th Jul 2014, 17:36
Can't really guarantee that in an emergency situation, especially one where a cellphone isn't the first line of emcomm. I was more looking for particular prowords.

Sat 26th Jul 2014, 17:36
Well, if you give your correct callsign, a mayday call should be taken seriously.

Sat 26th Jul 2014, 17:49
Surely the proper place for a mayday call is in the marine band where it can be heard by the people that can help!

Sat 26th Jul 2014, 19:11
A mayday call can be used over any radio service if there is a danger to life. If, for example, you are walking in the Cumbria hills and you or someone slips and breaks a leg, you need to call for help. If, for example, you had a 2 metre handheld with you and could get a local repeater, then you're better off calling mayday through that. If you just call CQ, then you might not get responded to.

The correct procedure for calling MAYDAY is:

Mayday, Mayday, Mayday
This is callsign callsign callsign
My position is (best description of location
Medical emergency - broken leg
I require immediate assistance

Keep repeating the call until answered.

In the US, and other countries, it is perfectly legal to call MAYDAY on the amateur bands, but in the UK, as far as I remember, a MAYDAY call is technically not permitted...

Sat 26th Jul 2014, 19:59
2EF0FVL: emergencies happen on land, too. The Coasties aren't gonna be a whole lot of help in Wyoming. :P

Sun 27th Jul 2014, 08:34
That'll be linked to the clue in the call sign then, I'll get me coat!! :sorrow:

Sat 6th Sep 2014, 14:29
If it's just the word "Mayday" that might be at fault in the UK, couldn't one use a different way of getting help?
Like maybe "HELP!" followed by a call-sign and the reason for the need for help. ???

If I need help badly, I'm going to say anything I can, to get someones attention.

But anytime you call for help, whether on a cell phone (911) or on a radio, be prepared to give your exact location, to the best of your ability.
Helpers can't come to help if they don't know how to find you.
Like, don't just say "I've fallen into a hole, and I can't get out!!!" you must tell where the hole is located. Eh?


Sat 6th Sep 2014, 14:50
Scritly speaking, MAYDAY is used when a life/lives are in danger or at least people need medical assistance. If you're physically OK, but say your boat has broken down, or maybe your car has broken down in the middle of the High Plains, then you use "PAN PAN". If you you just need assistance to get out of a bit off difficulty, say you're 80 thousand dollar pimped-to-the-max SUV got stuck in 3" of mud, then you call "SECURITE".

But, in the end, for amateur radio use, I guess using common sense might be a good idea: You access the repeater, give you callsign nice and clear several times and annouce you need help, then someone should respond. If you're working through the OH8RAA repeater, well, you're screwed.

Sun 7th Sep 2014, 00:10
If not "MAYDAY" for the British, how about "GUY FAWKES DAY".

Sun 7th Sep 2014, 10:00
I've read a /real/ transcript from long, long ago, a British pilot in conversation with some air traffic controller said "I'm really sorry to bother you, but I need to declare a Mayday. Sorry."

Sun 7th Sep 2014, 18:37
If not "MAYDAY" for the British, how about "GUY FAWKES DAY".

That would be the same as sending up a distress flare, wouldn't it.

Sun 7th Sep 2014, 21:01
That would be the same as sending up a distress flare, wouldn't it.

Similar to tha story I read years about about a group lost in the US Rocky Mountains. Couldn't get the attention of the rescuers until one day a small 4-legged animal took the last of their food. One of the survivors kicked it. Turns out it was a protected animal, soon after they were taken out of the woods and arrested. Got rescued though. ( Probably not a real story.)

Mon 8th Sep 2014, 00:28
That would be the same as sending up a distress flare, wouldn't it.

A smallish one - probably not the size GF intended,