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Thu 24th Jul 2014, 06:19
I have been trying to decide between a Yaesu VX-6R and Kenwood TH-F6A. I think I am leaning toward the VX-6R due to the fact that it is waterproof while the kenwood is not. I do like the fact that kenwood claims 5W on ALL of the 3 bands (70cm, 1.25M, 2M) vs the VX-6R which offers the same 3 bands but 5W on 70cm and 2M with only 1.5W on 1.25M band. They both offer wide receiving ranges, which I want to be able to monitor, and learn, from listening to the 10M and up HAMs (I am a newb and will begin with technician level privilages until I learn more, which is why I would like to at least be able to monitor the lower freq.). The waterproof aspect of the VX-6R is important because I want to be able to take the HT on camping and kayaking trips without damaging it.

Anyway, I would appreciate input regarding these radios and aftermarket antennas for the VX-6R. It is a tri-band transceiver (70cm, 1.25M and 2M Tx with large Rx ranges) but I am not sure how much I would use the 1.25M band just yet. Would it be better to get a dual band antenna like the Diamond SRH77CA or the triband Diamond SRH320A (even though I may not use the 1.25M band very much)? What about the Smiley 270A? Any input/experience/reviews of any of the mentioned antennas or radios would be appreciated.


Thu 24th Jul 2014, 23:19
Depends a lot on if there's activity on 220 in your area. If you want to listen to HF, I would make yourself a long wire antenna, as any portable whip or duckie is going to be woefully deaf on lower frequencies.
Get a coax connector that mates with the antenna connector your chosen HT has (SMA for sure, but check whether it's male or female), solder as long a piece of regular old stranded copper wire to the center conductor as you think you'll ever have room to string up. For a receiving antenna, especially for an HT that isn't going to have a solid RF ground, the length of the wire isn't critical. As with most HF antennas, the answer to "how big should my antenna be" is "how much space you got?"

There are some good articles on operating HF mobile from a kayak that have several ideas for stringing up a kayak-mounted antenna, let me see if I can't Google them up for you.

Trying out and playing with different antennas is half the fun of ham radio, at least for me.

Thu 24th Jul 2014, 23:22
Here we go: http://www.n0lx.com/kayak.html