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Sun 23rd Feb 2014, 02:33
I need some help setting up some programing using Chirp. I have a Baofeng UV-82L. I am part of several public safety agencies and we are looking to some new radios that we can program on the fly when we are in an area that we are not normally. We have all the licenses needed. We are currently using Motorola and iCom radios. I understand some general programing using Chirp for GMRS/FRS, but I need more in depth programing. An example of what I need to program is below. Any help would be great!

TX frequency: 465.55000
TX Squelch: TPL,2Z,110.9
RX frequency: 460.55000
RX Squelch: TPL,5Z,151.4
Channel bandwidth 25

This is an example of a current setup that we have in a Motorola UHF radio and I would like to program it into the Baofeng and do some testing to compare.

Let me know if you have any questions and thanks!

Tue 8th Mar 2016, 15:36
I'm not sure of exactly how to translate "TX Squelch: TPL,2Z,110.9" and "RX Squelch: TPL,5Z,151.4" nomenclature into CHIRP terms - "TPL", "2Z" and"5Z" aren't computing for me, but here are some CHIRP programming references which may help:

CHIRP column defintions:

CHIRP Programming reference basic:

CHIRP Programming reference detailed:

More CHIRP settings: