View Full Version : Base Radios Ten Tec Omni C Display Going Crazy!

Sat 18th May 2013, 03:56
Man, this rig has served me well, but all of a sudden, the lcd display is going insane.. It just rolls through random numbers and I can't even tell which frequency I'm on sometimes.

This seems intermittent, but happened all of a sudden today.

It happens on all bands.

This video shows a mild version of what happens.. When it all goes haywire, it gets even worse!!


Any ideas?

73's Brian

Sat 20th Jul 2013, 22:53
perhaps this will help: http://lists.contesting.com/_tentec/2009-10/msg00237.html

Sun 21st Jul 2013, 16:15
They have a old thread in the Ten Tec section about this problem with the Omni C over at the contesting.com forum. It looks like it is time for you to go through and anoint your Omni C with the holy oil of Caig DeOxit, at least the connections to the frequency counter/display that is. The search term is; omni d series c display problem

Fri 26th Jul 2013, 08:39
Thanks for sharing. Will update with results... 73 Brian