View Full Version : Raspberry Pi running G4KLX ircDDB Gateway software

Mon 5th Nov 2012, 20:16
Thought this may be of interest


A quick video featuring my Raspberry Pi running the G4KLX ircDDB Gateway and DVAP Node D-Star software. For RF I am using a DVAP Dongle. Others have been using a GMSK DV Node Adapter board, the DV-RPTR Board and even the G4KLX Sound Card based repeater. I like the DVAP in this situation because it is nice and compact!

Both software packages (gateway and repeater) are configured to auto start on boot.

During the video I connect up to Dplus REF012 C during the PapaSys Thursday Night D-Star Roundtable to show the setup operating. The G4KLX ircDDBGateway software responds to the familiar linking and unlinking commands in the URCall field, plus can also be controlled with DTMF tones.

My longer term plans for my Raspberry Pi D-Star HotSpot is to jam it all into a small transportable case (possibly something like a Pelican case) with a Mikrotik router using a 3G USB Dongle for internet connectivity. This way I can quickly set up a D-Star HotSpot away from home and away from a more traditional D-Star repeater/gateway.

Mon 5th Nov 2012, 20:17
Spotted on Youtube the other day, very neat no DSTAR in Oxford - but looking forward to seeing if anyone uses this in a live node environment.