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Wed 10th Oct 2012, 00:16
Out of interest whose actively looking at or exploring remote SDR systems? We're if you're living in a Urban environment a remote receiver would provide many benefits for hearing that weaker station on HF or even GHz.

I've been spending the last couple of days playing about with the cheap (<30) DVB-T usb stick which is capable of being an SDR clearly not as good as the SDR-IQ etc but even so fine for general listening and hooked it up to my spare Raspberry Pi and been enjoying using it remotely around the house listening to anything that takes my fancy and its not hard using the RTL-SDR tool set which includes RTL_TCP what I havent tried yet is the Original Funcube Dongle yet but really hope similar can be done.

Anyone exploring similar ideas?

Mon 31st Aug 2015, 18:08
I have. I actually bought a DVB-T usb stic along with a USB-to-go cable to connect it all to my phone. I'm still waiting on my DVB-T to get here. But there is an app for my Android that will let me control it. It's called SDR touch. It should prove interesting to say the least.

I have several Arduino boards that at some point would like to tie to using them for radio work as well.