View Full Version : new radio club, Forest of Dean area

Thu 9th Aug 2012, 22:24
Hi all.
we are in the process of an up a new club in the Forest of Dean area.


This club replaces the now defunct forest of dean amateur radio group of which i was the secretary.

if anyone is in SOTA then the club house is just opposite the highest point in the Forest Of Dean at 952 feet asl. and is a sota summit.

The details are on the ever growing web site link above

73 De G7VHJ.

Fri 10th Aug 2012, 04:01
Say what you will about the Harry Potter series, but if not for those books I would have no idea where the Forest of Dean is. I'll have to check again with Google Earth to see if I can find the 952 foot ASL point! Cheers for the new club!

Tue 9th Apr 2013, 21:17
There is a google earth map on the page that will show you where it is.
it is in the about us tab and the other web address is http://ruardeanhillradioclub.co.uk/

Fantastic part of the U.K and i love living here.

Sun 23rd Jun 2013, 19:58
Great news and good luck on the club starting up again. I will try to get over to you one Tuesday as it doesn't clash with our club night