View Full Version : Base Radios Paragon 585 PLL problem - this ones a doozy!!

Sun 17th Jun 2012, 20:15

I've just hit a problem with my 585. I'm getting the dreaded "PLL out of lock" error. Now I've done the usual of resoldering the major and minor loop boards and checked that the processor is functioning correctly but with no resolution of the fault. So here's the doozy bit!

The PLL lock error takes place every 50Khz and is around 3Khz wide. For example, on USB, FM and AM this can start at 14.000.0 Mhz, 14.050.0Mhz and so on all through the bands. On LSB and CW it starts at 14.003.0Mhz, 14.053.0Mhz and so on.

I have two questions.

1. Has anyone experienced this particular manifestation? And if so, what was it?
2. Does anyone have a copy of the circuit diagram for the 585 that they could send me?

Hope somebody out there can help! :)

Simon (2E0BDO)