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Sat 17th Mar 2012, 06:59
I have just taken receipt of a DV Dongle as I am a little too far from the nearest repeater here in Switzerland.
I have registered with the local gateway and everything works OK.
I have also registered with a gateway in the UK under my G0 call.
I am wondering if it is illegal (or not) to access the UK gateway with my UK call, directly, even though I am in HB land.
Hope thats not too confusing :)


Sat 17th Mar 2012, 07:08
I don't see any reason why it would be illegal.

Mon 19th Mar 2012, 05:53
Or register HB9/G0.... and use that.

Switzerland is CEPT country so should be able to operate for up to 3 months like that.

More info:- http://www.qsl.net/oh2mcn/cept.htm

Hope this helps.

Mon 19th Mar 2012, 19:51
Tnxs for the fb.
I am wondering what you would have to do, hopefully not having to register all over the place, if you were to, lets say, go on holiday to spain and you were a UK licence holder. Can you take a dongle and link to a reflector with your UK call?

Sat 24th Mar 2012, 00:06
Interesting topic. To be safe, I would suggest the question gets raised with your licensing authority. But.....I would think the dongle use wouldn't require any additional approval or licensing requirements. DV-AP would be another story, but just using a dongle would be similar to just using the Echolink client. If I were traveling internationally (as I frequently do) I just can't see why any special requirements are needed for non-RF communications.

Sat 24th Mar 2012, 05:46
I agree it is a difficult question to get consensus on. For me, I understand that if I use a radio to connect to a local repeater in a different country (whilst being in that country) I would need a subtle change in call sign (CEPT rules apply). But, if I add a country prefix (i.e. PA/HB9ETR) would the DStar system still allow me access? But is this still the same if I was to access DStar directly thru a reflector with a dongle?
If i go across the world and connect remotely to my station, I am still HB9ETR because the radio is stroll radiating from the station address. So it stands to reason that if I go across the world and connect to REF005A, I am still who I registered as......doesn't it?

Confused from Switzerland :)